Phantom X4 Charger for DJI Smart Batteries – HRC44525


The Phantom X4 Charger is a four-channel battery charger designed and built exclusively for DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4 Smart Batteries. This charger is capable of charging, storing and deep cycling four DJI smart batteries simultaneously. Two smart devices can be charged via USB ports and two remote controllers can be charged at the same time.
This unit is simple to use, but the operation of a sophisticated automatic charger such as the Phantom X4 Charger does require some knowledge on the part of the user. These operating instructions are designed to ensure that you quickly become familiar with its functions. It is therefore important that you read through the Operating Instructions, Warning and Safety Notes before you attempt to use this charger for the first time.


  • Chargers DJI Phantom 3/4 Smart Batteries
  • Quickly Charges Four Batteries Simultaneously
  • Charges 2 Remote Controllers
  • Charges 2 Tablet Devices (While batteries are charging)
  • Specifications:

  • AC Input: 100 – 240 volts AC
  • Charge Circuit Power: 100 Watts X 4
  • Charge Current: 6.0 Amps
  • USB Output: 5V/2.1A x 2
  • Three Charge Modes:
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    Phantom X4 Charger for DJI Smart Batteries – HRC44525 by Hitec RCD


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